Warm Welcome

My husband and I truly feel that we live in paradise and it is our absolute pleasure and honour to be able to share this place with others. It is a wonderful location to reconnect with nature and peace. Every guest that stays here is blown away by how special this land is.

Umami started operating as guest cottages in 2017 and what a great start it was, the response has been amazing with guests from all over the world. We thoroughly enjoy meeting you all and love hearing your travel experiences, we welcome you to Umami and our beautiful village of Franschhoek.

We have been incredibly blessed. My husband and I bought the farm in 2014 and it took us three years to finish building and renovating to have what we do today. There were two existing cottages when we bought the farm and they needed a lot of TLC. The result is really unbelievable as you can see. We converted the third cottage which is the Stone Cottage from a tool garage/shed into what it is today, a warm well positioned cottage. We used the wood and stone left from the building of our home. This cottage is ever so quaint and very popular with our guests.

We waited about a year before we decided to start our guest cottages. We wanted to settle in first ourselves and then we started inviting guests. The response has really been absolutely wonderful!

The setting is extremely rustic and we are on the side of a mountain backing up onto the Franschhoek nature reserve.

You are definitely very much in nature when staying with us as a peaceful sanctuary.

The majestic mountains form the backdrop of this gorgeous property and gives you absolute peace of mind and clarity. Umami is the perfect destination for wine farm travels, personal retreats, meditation and family holidays. From our experience of many trips around the world, our home Umami is the ultimate view.

I am passionate about making sure that all our guest houses are always beautiful, well presented and that you as our guests, feel that we are always going the extra mile and that you feel at home.

I think what makes us special is that we offer comfortable, tastefully decorated rooms that have breath taking views, nestled right on a mountain whilst situated only 8 minutes from the top fine dining restaurants, galleries, wine estates and shops. You have a chance to get away from it all and experience the tranquillity and beauty of absolute, fine, pristine nature.